Here are further information about us:

  • We are a Sydney-based system integrator founded on 2013. We became an SAP Partner in 2015.

  • We position ourselves as a business partner to our clients. Our goal is to grow together with our clients (especial Small and Midsize Businesses) to leverage the latest technologies to achieve the business excellence.
  • We not only help our clients with their adoption of Enterprise Software but also custom build applications to fill the business critical gaps. (Our philosophy is to leverage the out-of-the-box features as much as possible and Custom Build is the last resort.)
  • We are a team of IT professionals with over 15 years in Business Technology Transformation Projects. We are programmers, consultants, solution architects and project managers who share the common mission: Make IT work for business.
  • Most of the team are located in Sydney. With the latest communication technologies, we efficiently utilise on-site and remote resources to deliver our projects and support our clients.