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As a business decision maker, you may have run across one of the questions below. 

We are looking for some support in improving our SAP Business ByDesign. It was initially implemented a couple years ago and our business has some changes. 

Our current ERP software is more than a decade old and it’s no longer supported by any one.We are considering to replace our legacy system with renowned cloud solutions (Such as SAP). 

I’d like to get some advises on finding a business management software to streamline your business processes and improve the visibility on business performance. We have been looked around for a while and there is none to tick all the boxes. 

I need some professional assistance regarding what software solution can support your business? Our business don’t have neither CIO nor IT guru in the room.

I’m going to sign a new or renewal software contract shortly. I’d like to have someone eyeball it so that we only buy the technologies our business actually need. 

I just want to look for some expert advises to see if there’s any business software can fulfil our major client’s requirements. Google search has just returned too many or too few useful results.


Integoal is here to help with all your SAP Business ByDesign and other puzzles.

With many years experience in business software applications which were mostly for big organisations, Integoal is working with small and medium size businesses (SMB) to adopt the right IT solutions. We are an SMB so that we understand you very well. In small organisations: 

  • There is no dedicated IT department to support the business with daily IT related requirements.
  • CIO role doesn’t exist, who is responsible to lead the company to achieve outcome in line with business target and create business value through technology.
  • Short on expertise to perform a proper due diligence before making a significant technology change. Such as choosing a new software/system, purchasing software subscriptions, moving or archiving historic data etc. 

One of the options to SMB is to adopt SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions (such as SAP Business ByDesign). SMB can quickly be equipped with the latest technologies and the best business practises with reasonable low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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